Any time you can spend following the market is valuable and with studying will set you free from that 9-5!

mujeres4x4 Jul 21, 22 4:01 PM

i agree totally, im just trying to be able to have time for trading and its hard to juggle with my job:(

TBird_40 Aug 04, 22 1:04 PM

I agree, I work in a busy clinical / surgery center and sometimes I get to study others nope.

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aaronmizell Jul 20, 22 11:59 AM

Thanks for sharing! Keep it Up!!

PadawanSniper Jul 20, 22 12:39 PM

@timothysykes Thank you. I'm turning a page right now and starting a new chapter. Writing things down helps me remember.

BobbyQuenzel Jul 21, 22 10:20 PM

Tough learning curve you went through, hope you learned and never have to experience that again. Cut losses quickly, never hold and hope, focus on the sykes sliding scale before every trade, prepare, prepare, prepare before every trade. Stick to your plan. Plan the trade then trade the plan, that is all you can do. Whether it is a win or a loss, learn from it and don't let losses screw with your head, they are your best learning tools. Use them to your advantage. which is why it is important to

PadawanSniper Aug 07, 22 5:01 PM

@timothysykes joined your challenge a week ago after right after you commented. This is everything to me. Ive watched about 25+ hours, how to make millions, pennystocking and part duex, half way through new rules of pennystocking and almost done with the bootcamp. Joining the challenge gave me the keys to the kingdom and you bet your ass im going to take advantage of it. One day ill be out of this semi truck and ill actually have a life

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@orvillesimpson just became a fully transparent trader today!

orvillesimpson Jul 03, 22 10:39 AM

I here today respond to my trade position. As I try to do my best I'll give it my best lots can be said or making the news still at least I'm here with the ability and opportunity to become an Millionaire.

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