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PadawanSniper Jul 20, 22 12:39 PM

@timothysykes Thank you. I'm turning a page right now and starting a new chapter. Writing things down helps me remember.

BobbyQuenzel Jul 21, 22 10:20 PM

Tough learning curve you went through, hope you learned and never have to experience that again. Cut losses quickly, never hold and hope, focus on the sykes sliding scale before every trade, prepare, prepare, prepare before every trade. Stick to your plan. Plan the trade then trade the plan, that is all you can do. Whether it is a win or a loss, learn from it and don't let losses screw with your head, they are your best learning tools. Use them to your advantage. which is why it is important to

PadawanSniper Aug 07, 22 5:01 PM

@timothysykes joined your challenge a week ago after right after you commented. This is everything to me. Ive watched about 25+ hours, how to make millions, pennystocking and part duex, half way through new rules of pennystocking and almost done with the bootcamp. Joining the challenge gave me the keys to the kingdom and you bet your ass im going to take advantage of it. One day ill be out of this semi truck and ill actually have a life

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PadawanSniper Jun 29, 22 11:25 AM

Held on through mid day, It made a run to 1.30. Sold at 1.26 for a gain. It failed the 1.30 break out. It's still holding the 1.27-1.30 area. Done trading but I'm watching. Currently in NXTP, bought this morning, dipped a little more, made a nice recovery through out the day. Not a fast mover

PadawanSniper Jun 29, 22 11:32 AM

Since selling it has failed the 1.30 break out down to 1.21. Good exit selling into strength. Just wasnt good entry. If I was more patient, I would have been able to maximize profits

Helaman Jun 29, 22 5:59 PM

Hey man, great job on trying to be accountable. I too traded HTGM and bought in just after it first jumped to $1.23, but after I saw the stock meet resistance at the $1.20 mark I knew it wasn't going to run like I had hoped. Still ended up with a profit, but that was only because the stock popped of to $1.28 before dropping again. Definitely a pretty dissapointing stock.

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