PadawanSniper Jun 29, 11:25 AM

Held on through mid day, It made a run to 1.30. Sold at 1.26 for a gain. It failed the 1.30 break out. It's still holding the 1.27-1.30 area. Done trading but I'm watching. Currently in NXTP, bought this morning, dipped a little more, made a nice recovery through out the day. Not a fast mover

PadawanSniper Jun 29, 11:32 AM

Since selling it has failed the 1.30 break out down to 1.21. Good exit selling into strength. Just wasnt good entry. If I was more patient, I would have been able to maximize profits

Helaman Jun 29, 5:59 PM

Hey man, great job on trying to be accountable. I too traded HTGM and bought in just after it first jumped to $1.23, but after I saw the stock meet resistance at the $1.20 mark I knew it wasn't going to run like I had hoped. Still ended up with a profit, but that was only because the stock popped of to $1.28 before dropping again. Definitely a pretty dissapointing stock.

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