Dip bought a stock this morning and my entry and exit were just before Sykes confirming my thought process is headed in the right direction. Onto the next lesson

JoshyWoshyPookyWookyPoo Jun 29, 22 9:02 PM

Most definitely. I'm just getting in the groove of putting watchlists together and taking trades. Which is a bitch cause im in california so im up way in the AM getting prepped. How frequently do you get in on the action? You watchin the plays every morning?

HeathenTrades Jun 30, 22 8:34 AM

@JoshyWoshyPookyWookyPoo Yea I feel that pain, I’m on mountain time so not quite as bad as west coast but still early. I try to take Tim’s “retired” mindset seriously, been doing a couple trades per week. Some guys are in and out of 10 trades every day which is crazy to me. And yea my 9-5 makes it so I can only really trade the first hour of the trading day (for now)

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