DM4BigD Mar 15, 18 8:26 PM

If your account was flagged with a day trade then it will be removed on the following Tuesday per your example

securitiesdealer123 Mar 15, 18 9:10 PM

PDT rule only affects margin accounts. My solution is just to go long with a cash account until you acquire the 25k.

dauber360 Mar 16, 18 4:13 AM

Most brokers will keep tabs on your day trades and make that info visible.

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jakelandon Feb 05, 18 3:01 PM

Picture made just before last execution

swingtradestock Feb 05, 18 3:09 PM

perfecto, good trade on this day of volatility you played my friend. These etfs are good for days like this

jakelandon Feb 05, 18 3:13 PM

@swingtradestock I am about to start real trading, still paper here. I will never be 100% ready but I think I'm ready enough. Thanks mate.

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SAndrews Jan 17, 18 11:18 AM

I have a tendency to close winners too early this would fall into the scalper category is that what you mean by skewed ?

securitiesdealer123 Jan 17, 18 11:40 AM

No lol, you stated that trading involves being sleep deprived. That's not true for everyone.

SAndrews Jan 17, 18 11:58 AM

@securitiesdealer123 your right I'm in Australia but it's during the day for others good point not everyone keeps crazy hours.

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CrowofShortClan Dec 11, 17 7:01 AM

Stocks to trade is your best option but it can be costly so use a scanner and scan everyday

JimJay Mar 10, 18 5:37 AM can do that, and it is free. I also use It has a bit of a learning curve, but you can use it for free with limited results. I use the $8/mo. option, which is certainly a reasonable price.

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securitiesdealer123 Oct 21, 17 9:14 PM

$5 to $120 last year? That's pocket change! This year, it's going from $4 to $1,000,000!

Bryan3121 Oct 22, 17 5:22 AM

What's the catalyst? Why would it jump like that?

huperauxano Oct 24, 17 7:20 PM

@Bryan3121 DRYS was the big mover last year - huge short squeeze so traders remember this ticker. Volume coming in and shorts getting squeezed is the catalyst. Didn't take off huge yet but I am watching it and got a small profit off it...

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