$120 profit MYOS Short Stock

Entry comments: I used my Etrade account to short this multi-chat pump, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share of downside as I warned in chat

Exit comments: Covered MY SHORT for small gains, sorry about the typo I clicked the wrong box cuz it was moving so fast, but my initial commentary was right, sorry for the confusion, small profit for me in my Etrade account

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bigman Mar 02, 17 4:48 PM

An interesting trade. Notice, Tim was actually in the red on his position by about 10%. He didn't cut his losses because he was certain this chat pump would drop. And it did eventually. But what if his certainty wasn't so certain? What if he got squeezed and the morning spike kept on going? He would have cut his losses only after seeing a 15% loss. He broke some very important rules here.

bigman Mar 04, 17 12:06 PM

Or you traded pre market. oooooopssss

Tjholmeyer Mar 05, 17 3:45 PM

He's a teacher.. It's obviously a do as I say not as I do type of deal even if he had those kinds of losses. The whole point of this program is to be self sufficient not rely on his alerts @bigman

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$MYOS now being pumped by several chats, gooooood, potential short, the higher the better!

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Youn_gun706 Mar 02, 17 10:07 AM

can you make a lesson on the pumps you see on this please. I need to see chatroom pumps

alixc83 Mar 03, 17 11:03 AM

several members here recommended thinkOrSwim. but ppl also said that you cant short on thinkOrSwim. Plus I am not finding those symbols. Just curious what kind of platform should be used for OTC

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Just gagged a guy FOREVER for saying $MYOS going to 4, don't you dare bring that low float junk pumping in here, there's plenty of other chatrooms for that BS, ZERO tolerance in my room

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