Today I again had some stupid mistakes, but I made some little learning breaktrough aswell. I've had a (20%) 200$ @ $0.85 short position on $CYTR since yesterday, held it trough today safely because I was protected by a wall of sellers @ $0.80. Sold all before close @ $0.79 for a $14.10 profit. It was a good trade but I will scratch it because today I decided to stop shorting, since this is something that I can't do before I'm well profitable, so why bother cluttering my area of focus. My other trade was a MTBC BO that I prepared to catch on MO, only to miss it because I (the idiot) chased a lead to a predictably much less likely $ASNA BO (which I (...the idiot)didnt know because I didn't research that stock).... I researched MTBC.... which I missed. And why? I think you know the answer to that question. Anyway, because $ASNA was such a shockingly bad trade, I was stunned and missed like 3-4 sniper bounce plays also. And why? I think you know the answer to that question too. Nevertheless, I didnt want this to ruin my trading day so I calmed myself and decided to stalk another opportunity Rambo style. Caught MTBC's second breakout as it was coming back from the dip strong. I locked in some nice profits along the way but I failed to protect my gains and let my winner run a bit more freely. Wielding with total 300$ (30%) of my imagined budget like an agressive samurai I managed to lock in several toupes (scalp profit) and 1 better traded meat of the move, resulting in 34.82$ profit. Both plays wound up well but I was not happy with my discipline, and I chose to stop short biased trading untill further notice. Overall 49.92$ gain on overall 500$ dollars used. Could have been A LOT better, and also I did like 7+ trades so the trading fee would probably eat my whole profit if it were not Monopoly money. Very nice progress in statistics, some lessons learned, some points taken. Looking forward to tommorow! #nodaysoff :D P.S. No pics today because my IB paper account was only 1000$ so they told me I'd be breaking PDT. Wrote down my entries and exits and only took them into consideration when the tick would come on my order number after input. Also, IB platform is 15min delay, so I dont use my browser at all during market hours.

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[TimChallenge] Not a buy at this point, Tim G looks for over extension on quick moves into morning spikes not weakness, $ASNA really had 3ish days of consolidation in the low 7s, if it went from 6 to 8 in like 2 or 3 days then it has a good chunk of room to come down IMO.

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