BBtraderBB Feb 05, 18 2:57 AM

Sounds all too familiar. What I am trying to do is go for cheaper stocks, 20 or 30 cents. You get more shares, the stock has to move less for you to break even. I think you might have to concentrate on Volatility. Im starting to get a better understanding of this and it really opens things up. Check out this video, it might be an eye opener, it was for me

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Madbash Apr 01, 18 10:03 AM

Great Re Cap, Thank You for sharing your experience Tim! Please keep the videos coming as you had some great entries on these pump shorts!

Goafter Apr 05, 18 1:15 PM

Hi Tim, congrats on your recent short with OLMM, could you please help me understand how you were able to keep stocks longer than three days, as I understood that after three days brokers can call back stocks. Is it because you Borrow stocks instead (at a cost). I am a new challenge student and not sure I got that difference right if there is any between the word shorting and borrowing. Thanks, Eric

TimLento Apr 05, 18 1:22 PM

Brokers can call back stocks after three days, that doesn't mean they will.

Goafter Apr 05, 18 2:49 PM

got it, I thought Borrowing stocks was referring for another type of deal. Well done again

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Awesome, just signed up for TimAlerts today after following Tim for the last couple of months. Ive been in the chatroom for less than ten minutes and I feel like I have already got my money's worth.

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