hey tim. i just wonder why ur trading ticker 2 doesnt talk about multiday break out and there is no live trade multiday break out too @kroyrunner

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Wildthing038 Jul 09, 1:19 PM

Im overwhelmed.. Im 1 day old.. help!

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doesburgh Oct 31, 18 5:31 AM

Nice one! back to the drawing board for me!

CrazyWillows Oct 31, 18 8:21 AM

Thanks bro, remember don't be too hard on yourself bro, this is a marathon and not a sprint, realised the only reason I was getting upset with myself was because of playing patterns that are not right and getting FOMO because I have not gotten it and not making money.. I still got so much to learn but just trying to soak up as much as I can every day ;) Good luck today bro...

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