big drop on $LEDS- thought AUVI would drop too in sympathy & sure enough it did like 30 seconds later- good thing i stayed away from buying it- wasn't worth the risk- glad that i saw it and at least recognized it prior to it happening- if i had my account setup to short i would've shorted a small amount to just get the experience but i at least predicted it and watched it actually happen too

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$240 profit LEDS Long Stock

Entry comments: Former Supernova spikining on Forbes article, thank you http://tim.ly/breaking tool, goal is to sell in the high 3s or low 4s

Exit comments: Can't break day high of 3.70, weak bounce like XSPA, taking small gains, definitely the theme of the day, don't get greedy or overstay, size down on all trades given lack of big spiking

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Windwalzer Jun 22, 20 10:35 PM

Thank you. :) I learn from each one.

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The stocks I traded and experimented with today are $LEDS and $NVAX. Bought $LEDS pre-market looking to sell at the morning spike. No real support premarket and low volume hence it failed to spike. Took a 20c/share loss. Move on to $NVAX and took a small position at the dip looking for a short squeeze by eod. And sure enough it squeezed by end of day given the large volume it was trading. Sold for $2/share profit. Good day overall.

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My first green day screener didn't show up anything. Looked at my other two screeners and they hit $LEDS and PSTV. Was focused on wanting to trade a FGD stock, didn't look at the other screeners until it was too late. So, if FGD screener doesn't show anything look at the others!!! :-) No trading today.

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