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SHOdMONI Nov 05, 16 7:08 PM

I love this post, I just finished posting a blog and took a quick glance at all the other community posts. I was instantly drawn to the "Beginning" title since I too am starting anew (second go around after blowing up my first account). I like how you mentioned the lag on the StockTrainer App, which is the exact app I was using when I first started training, SO I know all too well on how dam laggy that app is compared to the real-time quotes. And hey, I definitely wouldn't recommend selling your

SHOdMONI Nov 05, 16 7:11 PM

truck to raise the capital. Save 10% at minimum of every paycheck and while that grows, STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY. I promise you more than likely you will start to lose all your hard earned money and you will feel sick to your stomach that its gone. I don't want to come off as a dick, but it is the god honest truth. I hope to see that trading changes your life in the future, it sure has changed mine :)

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