TakeMoney Oct 30, 16 10:23 AM

GRVY possible pump and dumb. averag volume was 7000.

Khalil Oct 30, 16 2:34 PM

I saw GRVY early morning too.. did not get in either due to lack of volume.. would I do the same again? yes.. (lesson) work according to price action.. so don't beat yourself up about missing something that turned out to be great because more times than not, it probably would have failed

Snipa Oct 31, 16 8:45 AM

@SmashStocks Thanks man. That's a good point.

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Zenyatta Oct 23, 16 10:50 AM

Did you have trouble getting out due to the spread? Every time I looked at BTUUQ it was over 10% of the share price, ie 11.50 x 9.25

Khermus Oct 23, 16 11:24 AM

@Zenyatta the spread wasn't the main issue. I just did not put any order in BTUUQ because I kept hoping it would come back up. I guess this "hope" was so strong due to my terrible DRWI trade where it actually did come back up

Zenyatta Oct 23, 16 11:29 AM

Ok, gotcha, thanks. I'm still not sure if my platform was messed up because I could see orders going through tighter than the spread was

Pierce_YRN Oct 23, 16 5:11 PM

Good lessons to learn here. I lost on DRWI on my paper trading account, got in at 4.31, but I stuck to my plan and sold at 4.19 (missed 4.20). I agree about avoiding overtrading and going back to being a sniper as I need to do the same! Good luck man

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wood0639 Nov 10, 16 10:16 PM

Do you just call and ask for lower commission fees?

Arussell125 Nov 10, 16 10:22 PM

Told them i trade way more than 15 times or ao a quarter and needed a better comm structure

JohnathonG Dec 22, 16 2:59 PM

Did you ever figure out this issue? I don't see how your commissions were $160? 4.95/trade x2 is $10 + $30 ECN fees = ~$40 in commissions. What else were you charged? I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and agree with Arick that you need to win a bit bigger to cover the costs of trading with them. I too have had greed days that turn into red days because of fees. Sucks, but part of the game of getting around PDT. Hope things have gotten better for you since this!

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TakeMoney Oct 17, 16 1:40 PM

that trade on cann, ouch. Same example as on my trade , was in plus, and didnt take profit, got stuck into consolidation, also could be even or take 3-5$ profit , and thatn bumm , huge pull back within a sec. taking loss of 70$

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