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yakuzowner Nov 05, 16 6:50 AM

Dont force stuff. I blew up my 2k$ account almost completely but I view it as an investment in knowledge. Papertrading isnt for me I found since the emotions are different and its always delayed data. However I view my first deposit of 2k$ as money to learn from. I trade only that size to cover the commisions so mostly 2-6$ stocks. I tried leverage a little bit and its nice but being wrong too often shrinks the account too fast even with cut losses quickly. I agree on your rules its key! Also a

yakuzowner Nov 05, 16 6:50 AM

Also a big thing is psychology and being patient to wait for the best entry EVEN on fast breakouts. It took me quite a while to find a suitable setup to spot opportunities AND execude the trade fast enough. Learning indicators from Arick Russel also really helps. I am on trading for about 3 full months now. Part time. I found mysef really making progress I knew nothing about finance, trading and stocks 1 year ago and I found the Stockmarket, Economy, Companies, Fundamental and Technical Analysis

yakuzowner Nov 05, 16 6:51 AM

and the glory to make money exponentially when being disciplined is awesome. It took me 3-5 years to make 80k$ a year working in the visual effects business on hollywood movies but you get paied on a daily basis and its not exponenially nor scalable hugely. I always imagine what I could earn if I had the same 3-5 years experience in trading. Staying motivated throughout with goals and targets etc is key. Everything takes time to master and had study and work. I even view breakeven trades as kind

yakuzowner Nov 05, 16 6:53 AM

of a win for now. Last I want to say Hi to you from Germany, Munich - we are neighbours :)

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wood0639 Nov 10, 16 10:16 PM

Do you just call and ask for lower commission fees?

Arussell125 Nov 10, 16 10:22 PM

Told them i trade way more than 15 times or ao a quarter and needed a better comm structure

JohnathonG Dec 22, 16 2:59 PM

Did you ever figure out this issue? I don't see how your commissions were $160? 4.95/trade x2 is $10 + $30 ECN fees = ~$40 in commissions. What else were you charged? I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and agree with Arick that you need to win a bit bigger to cover the costs of trading with them. I too have had greed days that turn into red days because of fees. Sucks, but part of the game of getting around PDT. Hope things have gotten better for you since this!

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[TimAlerts] $MJNA 10K shares in @0.075 , out @0.088, i saw a 1M seller on level 2 that scared all the buyers at 0.88 so i decided to take the meat of the move... +$130 dollar

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