$330 profit LQMT Long Stock

Entry comments: Little dip buy on this http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern on this multiday runner that was in the .17s yesterday, nothing huge, but should be able to bounce back to the .14s or .15s today, remember a lot of 11am bounces lately hence why I'm buying a little later in the morning than usual

Exit comments: Nothing huge, but nice single here nonetheless, love these 11am bounce plays, learn to adapt to what the market gives you!

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Windwalzer Aug 21, 20 2:58 PM

That is a nice spike you traded. Yes, I have seen the 11:00ish dips or spikes. Thank you so much.

Badgerjoe04 Aug 22, 20 3:53 PM

Doing my weekend routine of reviewing your week's trades and studying your entry/exits/catalysts/price action/volume/time of day/pattern/position size/etc... this was a nice #5, with the latest 11a bounce. August is different than July & July was different than June.

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GUAMillionaire Apr 17, 17 10:05 AM

ZENO "..it's only a potential dip buy into a big panic or a convincing breakout past $1.50 and beware this stocks moves FAST so please be extra-careful." You called it! Your entry was $1.42, there was a breakout past $1.50 - but it was NOT convincing - so you exited quickly and safely at $1.52. Exciting to follow along by watching the STT chart and challenge chat room in real time. Great tools to learn and trade!!

carlada Apr 17, 17 11:40 PM

Thanks I've taken note and will definitely watch and do some paper trading on one or more tomorrow. Glad to be learning from one of the best!

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