TrentonJan 09, 14 6:25 AM

Dip buying always scares me but in both MDBX and GRNH the third time is the charm. Would you recommend dip buying the little breakout during the third bounce in both of these cases? Or do you just try to pick the very bottom?

MarcMunozJan 09, 14 7:01 AM

Can you tell us which promoters to watch for. I have tried to play pumps that just failed like RSII but I have no excuse as you say over and over small investors can still play the bounces which are consistent and predictable. I love the honesty with which you teach showing how you still make mistakes but cutting loses quickly and staying confident in the pattern you make them pay even after a loss. No other trading teacher admits when they mess up like you do, its what makes you the very best!

JVP3122Jan 09, 14 8:44 AM

Thanks for making a video lesson for these trades, Tim. MarcMunoz, just do a Google search for penny stock tips and sign up for every newsletter you can. I'm just trying to get familiar with these pumps but I'm going with Tim's watchlist for not and keeping an eye on patterns

ronnJan 12, 14 11:49 AM

thanks tim.

Chicago777Nov 15, 15 11:00 PM

Very good lesson! that was a nice MDBX dump! panic!

smillie327Mar 22, 16 9:36 PM

NO shares to short? No cry...just buy that P/D day 1 or 2 of beginning & ride up...sell before the 50-70% crash then buy the dip on the one bounce & double your $...bread & butter here...both FNMA classic patterns here that Tim Grittani made 20 K on : )

MachinistradesMay 17, 16 1:09 PM

$MDBX classic pattern regardless of price, it really is a thing of beauty

STickerDec 07, 16 10:54 AM

Study! OTC ticks differently! :D

eric_OgFeb 18, 17 10:05 AM

good lesson. Video lesson marathon

IrvingMay 24, 17 9:57 AM

Is the constant up ticking something that wasn't seen till the crack day out of all the green days MDBX had. Is this similar to a huge panic prior to the big crack day where it signifies the massive crash is coming.

JameyJul 03, 17 1:07 PM

Great video lesson, thanks Tim.

tyreeOct 09, 17 7:42 PM

Swell Lesson Tim

SvaldoMar 22, 18 12:09 AM

Thanks for the lesson Tim!

zarazaApr 22, 18 2:29 PM

Thank You Tim shorting the morning spikes be better prepared

thomasfronteraMay 23, 18 3:46 PM

Lessons 1375-1377, buy ,short,dip buy,re short,rinse and repeat, thanks Tim

mbsdadJun 13, 18 11:14 AM

watched and learning.

AndrooSep 20, 18 6:01 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

piscott0306Dec 25, 18 12:38 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

axlkJan 16, 19 7:09 AM

Thanks Tim

TonyG1Feb 23, 19 9:34 PM

These patterns repeat!

hannon777Jun 24, 19 11:30 PM

be meticulous, trade with rules! volatility is scary when you dont know the pattern history! study

MaiTaiJul 15, 19 6:39 PM


PocketPATSep 07, 19 1:54 PM

Thanks Tim!!! Bookmarked!!!

DoesItFloatSep 25, 19 6:38 PM

ok so with massive runners like that that don't happen often, you don't need to be in the initial spike, or even the short, you can play the big bounce that follows! excellent

Rebel_ScumOct 07, 19 8:49 AM

Solid lesson, thank you.

TinCup72Oct 16, 19 12:15 PM

Thanks Tim great lesson

KStangerOct 19, 19 10:12 AM

Good lesson, Thanks Tim!

bdriesDec 14, 19 4:09 PM

Watched. Thanks!

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