I've been studying for 2 weeks straight now. Haven't trade for 2 weeks because I realized I was just gambling before. Since then, I went thru pennystocking, pennystocking part deux, the new rules of pennystocking, pennystocking framework, and watching TIM Fundamental part deux now. Today, I bought 10K on $MJNA and hold o/n because its the first green day, wasn't a strong close so I'll be watching very closely tomorrow morning. Will cut loss quick if it doesn't go up.

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MKanju Jan 06, 18 1:35 AM

great lesson!!thanks

ZiggysMom May 21, 18 11:11 AM

Noting to focus on hot sectors, have to recognize overextended charts, and stocks that move 5-10 percent are not volatile enough for a play. Volume, volume,volume, volume, volume, volume, volume.

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[TimAlerts] $MJNA, KAYS, and AMMJ. waiting for theses thing to get approved. Small investment so no big deal. and yes it did. Thanks


[TimAlerts] re: $MJNA they have a 15,000,000 share investment in AXIM. Position was purchased on or around July 1, 2015. Back then AXIM traded at ~$1 per share. Since then AXIM has run up to $13.20 a share. Nice ROI for $MJNA but has not been reflected in the share price. Run a chart Compare that overlays $MJNA & AXIM.


[TimAlerts] Ok guys just to let you know $MJNA i watch the accumulation since 3 days and they are accumulating huge qty. so when $MJNA will break .182 we'll see nice gain. so keep watching and dont miss the boat. GL

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