$1,994 profit MJNA Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic, goal is to profit 10-20% on the bounce, extreme panic here

Exit comments: Out of this dip buy to focus on BRLL which is better, solid profit here nonetheless

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TraderGal28 Feb 12, 9:52 AM

Made money on this one, thanks Tim!

Windwalzer Feb 21, 12:56 AM

Very nice, thank you for sharing.

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sherylj Feb 19, 2:42 AM

I got sloppy today with riot sad to say, I went from being up $1000 to up $765 I didnt want to sell any of my riot but I just couldn't stand to watch it lose! I blinked and it was down! Threw me off a lil bit.

ProCritikal Feb 19, 5:29 PM

It's a slippery slope, lock in profits, don't believe promoters, trade conservatively, don't play guessing games

MaeRae Feb 20, 1:32 PM

Thank you Tim

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-$1,969 loss MJNA Long Stock

Entry comments: Round 2 on this one, bigger panic, bigger position, goal is to profit 5-10%

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1 cut losses, learn from MMNFF destruction

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julouislock Feb 11, 11:17 AM

Yea I lost on that one to I held to long

Windwalzer Feb 11, 8:27 PM

I traded this yesterday, 500 shares in at 0.1254 exit at .14 chickened out to hold o/n and it went up to 0.222. Thank you for sharing your trade.

Spennyxyooj Feb 12, 8:32 AM

couldn't get my exit executed so lost like 17%. Small Size but first day red. A humbling experience. In 0.1369, Out 0.1129

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$332 profit MJNA Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this play I had over the weekend on big morning panic, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: Small bounce and small gain, I won't get aggressive on just a one day runner, prefer multiday runner dip buys but this was still a gimmie given the size of the panic

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vieira Nov 09, 20 10:31 AM

Made this exact same trade ! Haha got in at .0205 exit at .0215 zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ajrod180 Nov 09, 20 9:01 PM

perfect dip buy couldn't be better.

Windwalzer Nov 09, 20 10:42 PM

You are good at getting the reverse. Thank you.

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$2,405 profit MJNA Long Stock

Entry comments: Low priced weed play hat's spiking nicely not the close, former runner too, not sure if I'll hold overnight but I like breakouts on breakouts, goal is to make 15-30% here, cut losses if it can't close strong

Exit comments: BEAUTIFUL over the weekend winner, great market to start the week, congrats to all longs

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Brandon_Walker Nov 10, 20 4:51 PM

What is the extent of news/catalysts types and how old {i.e. 1 hour, 2 hours} that generate overnight plays?

Windwalzer Nov 10, 20 6:41 PM

@Brandon_Walker He'll most likely tell you to watch the webinars and dvds. If you go to the top of the page and search you can find a number of the video lessons and different traders take on what you are interested in. Here's and example from Mark Croock, I hope it works, if not try Mark croock # 470. #470: $NIO Picture Perfect Breakout Pattern Even For Small Accounts!!

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I've been studying for 2 weeks straight now. Haven't trade for 2 weeks because I realized I was just gambling before. Since then, I went thru pennystocking, pennystocking part deux, the new rules of pennystocking, pennystocking framework, and watching TIM Fundamental part deux now. Today, I bought 10K on $MJNA and hold o/n because its the first green day, wasn't a strong close so I'll be watching very closely tomorrow morning. Will cut loss quick if it doesn't go up.

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MKanju Jan 06, 18 1:35 AM

great lesson!!thanks

ZiggysMom May 21, 18 11:11 AM

Noting to focus on hot sectors, have to recognize overextended charts, and stocks that move 5-10 percent are not volatile enough for a play. Volume, volume,volume, volume, volume, volume, volume.

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