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Cjo53 Sep 24, 19 3:36 AM

How do I get my account so I can watch the stocks

Darlingnana1 Sep 26, 19 6:11 AM

$PURA was a perfect example of your saying "rinse and repeat". It spiked this time last year, during conference in Orlando! Seeing others do the same. Also, another one of your saying "History repeats itself " I am really glad that I found you! Definitely understanding more this year. Thanks for the lessons Tim!

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$142 profit PURA Long Stock

Entry comments: Former running jumping a bit at the market open on this new news solid demand for their CBD drink, could be a runner, small position though since it's speculative

Exit comments: Zzzz going nowhere fast, worth a shot though since this can spike fast on PRs as it has in the past, small gain, onto the next

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Johnnorth Mar 12, 19 2:14 PM

If it's not going the way you want then get out. As you say Tim.

MaiTai Mar 12, 19 9:14 PM

Too bad it was a sleeper, glad you cut the loss like you teach us.

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piscott0306 Nov 12, 19 6:00 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

Yonder Feb 20, 7:58 PM

I'm still fairly new to the challenge chatroom, but it is a great environment. definitely learn reading through all the conversations, and asking questions. Tim and the rest of the mentors get bombarded with questions but they do an AWESOME job responding and helping out along the way. The other students have a vast library of knowledge and help out whenever possible. Amazing environment that's been cultivated there.

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