($144) loss PURA Long Stock

Entry comments: I got a partial position in this recent pump on premarket partnership news https://tim.ly/2QpZ1M0 lets see how far it can spike, c'mon promoters, get back at it please

Exit comments: Quick spike failed fast, KGKG is actually breaking out so I bought the wrong CBD play, cutting losses here, not letting a small mistake turn into a potential big disaster

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Zaleucus Nov 26, 4:27 PM

Perfect patterns only

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($218) loss PURA Long Stock

Entry comments: Straight from watchlist except today it's not only up in a tough market, there was also a PR from their promoter which could signal a re-pump is coming which would be great given how fast we know this can spike when Goldman gets behind it again so let's all pray for this promoter to do his job! Small $ position. of just $7,000 due to nasty overall market risk

Exit comments: Small loss on weird price action, I'll do video lesson, small losses are fine though, just be safe in this market

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ricci8 Nov 20, 3:52 PM

Hey Tim how you doing I've been watching all your DVDs spikeability ,how to make millions all the video lessons and I heard Tim grittani and you talk about promoters and all through the DVDs you haven't mentioned any of the promoters and now here is Pura with a promoter and I can't figure how to find a promoter can you help me build a list of promoter please I'm trying so hard to start in the stock market

jayme Nov 21, 12:10 AM

Thanks Tim. I bought 10,000 at. 1027. My first live trade using StocksToTrade and decided to hold over night. Yes fingers crossed promoter does his job. Thank you again for all your hard work. :)

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$PURA nice gap up thanks to followup press release hyping themselves up as they teased in yesterday's PR...it's all laid out there for you guys, you just need to pay attention

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b2rad013 Nov 14, 5:25 PM

Will be watching this as I continue to study and learn as I feel watching real time info along side of all the history lessons will aid me in tying it all together to hopefully get me up to speed and ready to start applying me knowledge. Thanks Tim

robmeyer Nov 15, 1:36 AM

I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to all of us students who are trying to learn from you! You teach by example and I LOVE that!

PapaD Nov 21, 11:30 AM

Just started yesterday as a student, and learning my way around. I know I will be posting success stories myself, in the future. Thanks Tim!

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I love how $PURA telegraphed upcoming news tomorrow too: Puration will publish an online presentation tomorrow with more insight and details on the financial report published today and how it supports the company's business plan and objectives. The presentation will include an update on the pending dividend declaration coming in conjunction with the recent spinoff of Puration's cannabis cultivation business.

architectwon Nov 13, 4:20 PM

Thank You Tim... I am very new since Sat.. So I am going to just watch very closely tomorrow real live action...!

architectwon Nov 13, 4:39 PM

Halfway watching your Moscow videos... Every word you said is so precious! I watched your 2016's interview with Aaron Fifield of Chad WithTraders EP 047...... "https://youtu.be/E1Pbld_xZBU".... it is an 1hr21min interview... everything you said was so so so important..! I encourage all other student to watch this if you have not already done so... It is very long... but I cut the listening time down to maybe 50 min. instead by setting the playback speed to 1.5x... It speaks faster and make it m

skatermdw Nov 13, 11:50 PM

This news will probably give it legs to run. I will be watching. Thank you Tim.

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$650 profit PURA Long Stock

Entry comments: This recent CBD Supernova/pump just reported earnings and is spiking into the close, good chance of a gap up/KGKG-style from the other day, goal is to make 5-10% overnight, using my small Etrade account since it won't be a day trade

Exit comments: I SOLD into the morning gap up and premarket news release, nothing huge but predictable given they teased followup PR in yesterday's PR too, check out my instagram live to see where im doing this trade from, literally most insane setting of my life as we're saving a rhino right now too

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ReneG1017 Nov 13, 4:02 PM

So Tim, this would be one that would probably be traded early morning?

EmpSteve Nov 14, 5:57 PM

What did you set your sell order at? and I assume it was in right at the open before you could tell which direction it was going to go?

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