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CrazyWillows Dec 24, 19 6:36 AM

No matter how choppy this webinar was, there are key lessons in here for all!!!

Windwalzer Dec 24, 19 8:37 PM

Thank you Timothy Sykes. All the webinars, DVD's, books, updates are the foundation for me to build a solid base to build my trading structure. Without a good foundation whatever is built on it will just crumble. I appreciate the ablity to learn from you, who are where I will be someday. .

Grimes Dec 26, 19 5:34 AM

Good stuff

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($44) loss SPNV Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution on the dip on this big morning spiker, good news with new management/new company, already hit .575, looking for a retest, goal is to sell in the low .60s, pathetic puny position but won't chase up

Exit comments: Out for small loss, no bounce, my wifi still isn't great so I can't be patient/aggressive here, probly spikes more later, but might also dip back in the .40s, so just playing it safe, protecting my overall green day thanks to YAYO...maybe played too safe as it's back to .54ish

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KDJourney Oct 28, 19 5:33 PM

Always a great review . . . Thank you Tim

PaulaNYC Nov 02, 19 11:34 AM

Thanks for this @TimLento - aside from your patient explanation, what I really learned was how you organize and think about your extensive watchlists - SO HELPFUL!

Grimes Nov 02, 19 9:02 PM

good stuff Lento. thankful to have ya

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$78 profit SPNV Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this recent runner that is closing near a multi-day breakout, this stock can move fast on a morning spike so my goal is to buy now and sell into a gap up/morning spike, goal is the low .50s, will be interesting to see how it acts at multi-day highs at .49, it could fail hence my buying not right at the highs but on a little dip off the highs just in case it cant breakout

Exit comments: No gap up news or spike so I'm out roughly breakevem low risk play, worth a shot

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CKP111 Oct 08, 19 10:56 PM

Goodluck Tim. I'm excited to see how it will play out for you tomorrow. You're already up by almost 2 cents.

Hong1689 Oct 09, 19 11:57 AM

Good job Tim. Good decision!!!!

Bobbemornee Oct 09, 19 9:54 PM

I lost few dollars on this stock! Cut losses quickly!

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I know it might not be the greatest thing in the world to buy a stock like $SPNV at .34 and sell it anywhere from .36-.38 but those kinds of gains can REALLY add up over time, so take them when you can

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