$520 profit COWPP Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution during my live http://tim.ly/sykesmc webinar, bought the dip on this morning spiker threatening to breakout in the .50s, goal is to make 10-20%, moves quick

Exit comments: Beautiful technical breakout, key was not chasing and buying the tip near support, now easy $500, nothing huge, but well planned trade, selling into those who are unprepared and only buy technical breakouts

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Bobbemornee Oct 28, 19 7:27 PM

travel to oversea now, hard to have internet access!

BBandit Feb 27, 9:51 PM

The webinar was 10/24

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The secret is in shorting. Just evaluate dux's past trades and you'll see it for yourself. Other than that it's simple resistance and momentum trading. The hardest part is finding a broker that has shares to short on the daily running stock that's up 100%. @dux where do you find most of your shares to short? I'm using Interactive Brokers and they never have shorts available on the daily running penny stock.

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Dzrock9 Jul 29, 19 6:59 PM

Its not all about shorting. Its just what dux is most comfortable with

olli400 Aug 18, 19 12:04 PM

There is no secret - the longer you think there is a secret the longer you'll implode your account

Bobbemornee Nov 23, 19 2:12 AM

I want to learn to make money

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