The secret is in shorting. Just evaluate dux's past trades and you'll see it for yourself. Other than that it's simple resistance and momentum trading. The hardest part is finding a broker that has shares to short on the daily running stock that's up 100%. @dux where do you find most of your shares to short? I'm using Interactive Brokers and they never have shorts available on the daily running penny stock.

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Dzrock9 Jul 29, 19 6:59 PM

Its not all about shorting. Its just what dux is most comfortable with

olli400 Aug 18, 19 12:04 PM

There is no secret - the longer you think there is a secret the longer you'll implode your account

Bobbemornee Nov 23, 19 2:12 AM

I want to learn to make money

anatomic Feb 24, 12:19 AM

@SlavicV Every trader is different. Dux has literally made 30K net going long and 9.67M short

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GJ on your oasm trade! How did you know that was gonna spike and how did you see it beforehand if you dont mind me asking?

RAHULKR Jul 05, 19 12:57 PM

It was a pre-market gainer and had a resistence @2.05 ,so during open @1.85 the buyers would buy till the resistence level ,which would lead to morning spike.

RAHULKR Jul 05, 19 12:57 PM

It is a pattern

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