$330 profit UNRG Long Stock

Entry comments: First green day spiker on this former Supernova yesterday, looks like it wants more today, small $ position but this can spike fast, goal is for it to break yesterday's high of .13ish then ideally sell in the .14s or .15s, aim small miss small, not going for home run here

Exit comments: Solid Friday morning spike here, hit my goals so I'm out, wish there was more volume/news to go bigger, but I'll take what I can get, IALS similar chart yesterday failed today, so looks like all low priced momo traders are into this one, could keep going but its also been known to drop fast too so I'm playing it safely

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PocketPAT Nov 02, 19 3:10 AM

Ahhhhh, making sense now. Former supernova, down off of it's highs but finally bouncing at historical support, looking for continuation into day two or day three; AND you got in exactly at the breakout retest pullback of 0.12 for better risk/reward... Small position, as this is a speculative setup that could fail... Interesting...

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($325) loss UNRG Long Stock

Entry comments: I rebought this stock from yesterday that's spiking again, they confirmed takeover rumors, Twitter was right, goal is to make 10-20%, could be quick

Exit comments: No spike, actually going down so just gonna cut losses quickly...turns out to be better buy on the rumor than the news itself...small losses are fine though, this stocks moves fast

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BlakeBandit Feb 28, 12:05 AM

Sell the news i guess. Good to see this.

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$250 profit UNRG Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner spiking on merger rumors, buying on a dip off its day highs at .25, goal is to sell around those highs, possible breakout, moves quick and nasty spread so key is buying on the dip

Exit comments: Zzzz not much more spike, it needed to break the previous high of .25 convincingly, but no dice, only got to .256 now big sellers at .24 so I take small profits and look for others, SWNM potential buy now too

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Nanigirl Oct 21, 19 11:30 AM

Thanks Tim!!🤙🤙🤙🤙

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tayhaoxia Mar 03, 4:46 AM

open to trading whatever opportunity there is

Jamey Mar 13, 11:28 AM

I love low priced stocks. Thank you for your dedication and work ethic, Tim. It really means a lot that you do this for us.

timcobra Mar 15, 3:30 AM

Thanks Tim, I am open to trade all kinds of stocks. But before I do that I need to study more

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$304 profit UNRG Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner taking out yesterday's highs, would love to see it test multiweek highs around .37, small $ position though due to overall market risk

Exit comments: No big spike to test multi-week highs like I wanted, Dow down 300, solid wall of sellers at .32ish, no thanks, stay safe today, lock in profits sooner and cut losses quicker, this could get ugly for the market as this is the month witht he most crashes in history so stay alert just in case

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