-$125 loss TRTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this first green day play overnight too, nice spike to close the day, should lead to gap up, gonna be interesting 2 stocks overnight for me LOL

Exit comments: Small loss here too, that's fine, been on a hot streak, was due to be over-aggressive, remember rule #1

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itsmarybeth Jan 13, 3:24 PM

I've asked in several forums with no response. FGD/FRD what is the time frame? first time ever? for the week? for the month? please answer. ty

Windwalzer Jan 13, 10:28 PM

The first green days are at the close of the day. You waited for the second 1 min green candle/Doji for entering?

ammaizeroi Jan 14, 8:33 AM

Life is still a learning process!😂

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$632 profit TRTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this strong first green day on a former Supernova on news of a $20 million buyback https://tim.ly/2kmsuZ7 and its been holding its morning spike well all day so probably gap up/morning spike tomorrow, all I want is to make 7-15% as this one isn't as volatile as I like, but its a solid seemingly low risk overnight setup with solid support at .42 if I'm wrong

Exit comments: Damnnnn I was gonna hold overnight, but its hit all my goals so no need for overnight risk, these plays have REALLY been ramping nicely the past hour of the day, recognize the pattern...now .488 so it keeps going, but I'm glad to just lock in profits safely

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Bloodhound Sep 17, 19 4:28 PM

Tim, I'm in the challenge program and would like to be able to readily recognize this pattern as you did. Aside from the regular curricula, can you recommend a video or series of your videos that show this pattern over and over and over, because I know repetition is the mother of skill.

BKHilton Sep 17, 19 5:46 PM

Loving the overnight plays for those of us trading under PDT. Think I'll study up more on catching overnights.

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