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Sky_Hi_Trading Jan 13, 12:22 AM

I like it! Thanks for your willingness to help!

wbern4688 May 06, 8:27 AM

so much to learn thanks for sharing nice to have good friends in this lock down period

Windwalzer May 07, 5:49 PM

Thank you. I like your idea of making your own so it's personalized. You do have amazing speadsheets though.

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-$140 loss NK Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this big Supernova spiker today off its highs at 4.90ish, looking for 20-40 cents/share bounce, nothing huge

Exit comments: No bounce, small loss, potential rebuy on any bigger dip, thats what I get for trading midday, gotta be more disciplined

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Stockdancer Dec 17, 19 11:09 AM

Thanks Tim. I need to be more disciplined too.

itsmarybeth Dec 17, 19 8:42 PM

@amili2046 I am watching them. I just wanted to know if I understood him correctly. Why does it seem like you're being sarcastic? I'm putting in the work!

amili2046 Dec 17, 19 8:51 PM

@itsmarybeth Ideally you wanna buy something off of its highs so the way Tim does it usually is waiting for it to panic in the morning ideally on little volume to a level that can now act as support where buyers are likely to step up thus increasing the stock price in your downside would be very litte both due to the support if that makes sense.

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$294 profit LMPX Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent Supernova, seems to be holding green on the day, wayyy off its day highs at $18ish, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share on the bounce, very small position though since its speculative and moves fast

Exit comments: Took the quick bounce, wasn't fast enough though as it went to the 15s before I could even put in my sell order...scary stock, glad with my single here, a few hundred bucks at a time adds up

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onteng Dec 12, 19 10:04 AM

tim is it the right ticker.?Cause I look at the graph and today the price range is 16+ since morning?

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