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Windwalzer Jan 10, 4:24 PM

Second time to watch this one. Understand more. Buy multi-day/week breakout on former runner ( I'm understanding what that means), short on first red day w/clear tread reversal, and dip buying former runners into multi day support. I'm getting better about keeping an eye on the volume. Thank you Mark.

2grasleys Jan 22, 11:59 AM

Good Lesson Mark, Thanks!!

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ZiggysMom May 21, 18 2:05 PM

Categorize hot sectors, sympathy plays can help identify what sector is hot, and look for the the plays with the strongest volume.

axlk Apr 07, 19 6:44 AM

Thanks Mark

JonathanIParra Aug 27, 19 8:02 PM

be prepared and categorized only in hot sectors , and you missed a nice short on aveo but good stuff

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[TimAlerts] NK sitting near multi month support but looks like a bouncing ball pattern.. could it finally break down thru 5.40 we shall see

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