Brian. I bought $NIO today because it is near its lows and it has been doing well. It had 23 out of 32 days above $7. I'm hoping when there is news that it goes up there again. The danger though is that there may never be news again. Any thoughts? I'm still just a newbie. Thanks.

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Dip on QTT, $NIO thought it would bounce more but cut it instead. Paper Trade account up almost 4k from 30k, but boy oh boy do I have a lot of risk in these trades. But I focus hard on creating a risk level and cutting losses quickly so I don't know

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LizLele Sep 15, 18 10:22 PM

Cooool got it thanks!

YawnAlot Sep 15, 18 10:23 PM

i kinda suck at math too, thank god for calculators xD

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$CHKE $NIO MYSZ all my top potential watches...remember Friday morning spikers can be VERY fast so sell into strength and don't get greedy...and don't chase or feel bad if the stock spikes too fast without you, you'l learn and execute it better next time

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