After a frustrating couple of days I regrouped and finished up the week pretty good. Bought the dip in the $TSLA call options and sold way too soon leaving about 200 on the table but I've been burned by it in the past so I took the quick profit. Then my mistake buy of $NIO expecting it to do what $TSLA did and took a small loss. Last I bought the dip on ZM calls way too early (could have saved $150) but was patient enough to sell a little early for another small profit. Overall not a bad week since even my losses were lessons and my account has grown a little. Will look to continue growing as a trader mainly on options into next week and studying the patterns of penny stocks to eventually integrate that into my trading mix. Until then will continue with smaller positions on everything until I become consistent. Have a safe holiday weekend everyone!

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Frustrating day today to say the least. Saw the weakness in $NIO and bought the put options and then got scared out mid day with the spike that went to previous closing mark. Coulda, shoulda, woulda bought back in later but was unsure because of that spike only to be proven right on my thesis in after hours when they announced an offering dropping the price more than a dollar per share. Good news is I learned I need to be a bit more patient with my entry and maybe give these over extended stocks another look later in the day after I decide to cut losses. The loss on a potential huge winner stings not as bad as letting the loss continue to run against me as I have done in the past. It's all part of the journey I guess and I'm paying my dues.

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Please congratulate/retweet markcroock on his $26k profit on $NIO and bobbythek & nigelcross09 on their early wins today and especially Sher1320 here https://tim.ly/3lnEF2e on passing $10k in the first month since joining my challenge (don't get cocky, its been a GREAT month!)

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MoonShot Aug 28, 11:26 AM

Thanks Mark. Chart, catalyst, volume.

Androo Aug 28, 12:08 PM

Thank you Mark, very cool!

Mja98 Aug 30, 8:23 AM

Chart, catalyst and volume. From a beginner challenge student. Thanks for your time Mark and sharing your knowledge.

Jdegregz Sep 07, 2:03 PM

I want to get into options and have for awhile but need a mentor to learn to fill orders out and go through things a little closer

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I had my biggest loss this month ytd. $NIO I broke a lot of rules and bag held it. I am noticing a pattern. When I am doing well and have good green days, my confidence rises and it leads to one big loss. It's been a thing almost every month or every other month. I need to work on this. July was supposed to be my first green month but got ruined by $NIO because its my fault. No ones else. The good thing is, since its my fault, I can fix it. I just have to be real with myself and work out my problems. I want to keep this month going strong and not think about $NIO. I can only learn from it.

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Recovered nicely from yesterdays degenerate streak to finish green for the week. It's still very small gains since I'm trading tiny positions until I can learn how to trade without FOMO and can become more consistent. Overall good progress this week and looking to continue the trend into next week. Holding 1 trade as of now, next weeks $10 $NIO put, if price action holds today will look to sell ITM next week for a very nice gain.

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$NIO in @$9.18 + out@$11.36. EV sector is choppy as of late BUT not a market to stray away from. @timothysykes to blame for me studying with detail. Now, back to remote work BUT will study, review, renew, then redo! #WillBeHisNxtMillionaireStudent #TrustTheProcess

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