coryjwise Dec 19, 16 12:01 PM

@ftmanglona I was in the process of doing some dumb shit and your advice came to mind immediately LOL. I ended up making out with a green day $100+ profit. I took a quick loss on XGTI (-$18.66) but, covered that and most of my bad OPGN trade with GSAT (+$125.70). Thanks man I needed to hear that!

ftmanglona Dec 21, 16 12:35 AM

I'm glad to see that it worked for you lol.

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AndreyKoltsov Nov 27, 16 9:54 PM

Good video! I look forward to many more.

Flyin777Trader Nov 27, 16 10:05 PM

Awesome, heartfelt message. Thanks Arick! Resonated with me - still tinkering with daily process: developing a morning ritual, how to spend pre-market, refining scans, choosing a plan & then executing it. I know it will come, thanks to guys like you. Thanks man.

Arussell125 Nov 27, 16 10:05 PM

I know how it can be aometimes because i have been there myself, keep at it

coryjwise Nov 28, 16 4:36 AM

Appreciate you man, you've been great to follow. I'm always checking for your content, whether it's on here, youtube, or twitter, I'm always looking and listening! You're definitely headed in that millionaire student direction!

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@Littlemoney16 Don't give up, just step away for awhile and study! If you're here you have more than enough people willing to offer any help to you! Not sure who your broker is or which app you use but many offer 24/7 on demand. It's paper trading, you can practice any time of day, rewind that day and practice trading on any of your chosen days until you get the hang of it!

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TakeMoney Oct 17, 16 1:16 PM

I did lol :) . could hold for a bigger profit, but 1st trade ever. :) almost 7%,

coryjwise Oct 17, 16 1:39 PM

That's awesome @TakeMoney I'm still trying to build the confidence but my watchlist included the $AMRS CTRV FH so I'm obviously seeing the trades better! Good job bro, keep it up!

TakeMoney Oct 17, 16 1:45 PM

first time when I did pull a trigger , I was out of my self litteraly. Second trade also waited patiently to the end of the market and made some profit. Today i play some music, hide profit loss, ride the wave, made 140$ profit with 2 trades, and than 3rd one was too much , could take 35$ but went greedy and than pull back. Ending in a minus :D take a look at my 1st blog . GL u too bro.! road to freedom and million :D

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