Congratulations Mark with your first $1 Mill many more to come im sure Best Regards From Down Under and especially thanks for your webinars and teaching your a very good educator and very easy to follow your thought process thank for making things so clear it is really helping

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Teyrex Apr 27, 18 1:32 AM

Your welcome

MBrandt Aug 27, 18 8:44 PM

Tried to respond to your comment by clicking your name but nothing happened. AMMA was starting to move, that's why I alerted it, but as soon as I did it started to tank! Oh well!

JeffBurnett Aug 28, 18 1:37 AM

I understand but your specific comment in Challenge was that AMMA is running. A stock isn’t running when it only moves a few cents. When alerting the Challenge room of a stock ‘running’ I recommend you wait for it to actually run (not just move) you give it time to run...if I hadn’t said anything then someone else would’ve. Thanks

MBrandt Aug 28, 18 7:27 AM

Yeah, running not the best choice of words. Thanks.

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Greeniee Nov 13, 17 2:09 PM

Tim, I bought the Millionaire Masters plan before my shoulder surgery in Sept, and have been studying every day . I watch them a few times now and am feeling much more confident every day. Thank you for all the help and support.

cleanbird Nov 14, 17 10:00 AM

Friday mornings are special

ofer123 Nov 27, 17 7:21 AM

Good morning and thanks TIM

PJorda Oct 19, 18 9:37 AM

Thank you Tim

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$1,284 profit IZEA Long Stock

Entry comments: It's up a little today already, I'm aiming for quick Friday morning short squeeze, lots of support in the 6.20s, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, but remember Friday morning spikes can be quick

Exit comments: PERFECT Friday morning short squeeze as I warned in premarket video lesson, it's hitting my goals so I won't get greedy, it could go more, but I like taking singles

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WaterSGT Sep 29, 17 10:45 AM

Nice Friday short squeeze, just as Tim taught us.

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PS23 Sep 10, 17 10:51 AM

Nice man, welcome! Try her out with a paper trade maybe. Great practice and can get a decent position with these high dollar stocks. I recommend think or swim with TD Ameritrade, they have a great platform including appear trading. Cheers!

PS23 Sep 10, 17 10:51 AM

Including paper* trading****

OzzTrader Sep 10, 17 4:06 PM

thanks. yeah i have a paper trading account with IG. was looking into think or swim but its not open in australia.

ridetoriches Oct 16, 17 4:26 AM

Hi Buddy I have just opened a TradeZero account , I think it can work well for non US citizens

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