Hey @Huddie , I just want to thank you for all that you do for the chat room as well as out of the chat room. I re watch your video lessons everyday as they provide such a great explanation of the patterns I look for everyday, and really give a better example of what to look for price action wise. I also read all of your commentary in the chat room EVERYDAY, as in the moment examples is where I learn best. I just wanted to make sure you knew how much you're appreciated. Thanks again sir.

Huddie Jun 07, 18 5:53 PM

You're very welcome!

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Dux's DvD is solid with information. Definitely a recommend to anyone who is considering it. Long or short, large or small account. His thought process and strategies are priceless.

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Getting through these Grittani webinars, and studying hard this weekend. Main focus this week is to focus on shorting into the major daily resistance on over extended stocks. This strategy makes sense to me and I have seen it work consecutively. Thanks again @kroyrunner appreciate all that you do to help us students!

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KenKwan Apr 23, 18 12:58 PM

hey Squiggs, no worries! VLRX was ultra frustrating today, as I had my order setup, only to get an error message from IB saying they didn't have shares lol. Would definitely have been a nice short! Time to find another broker..

McGuiganCapital Apr 23, 18 1:00 PM

Yea, IB has not lived up to the hype for me, at least not yet. I always have issues finding shares. Etrade is similar with Borrows. I just signed up for a Suretrader account, despite the terrible things I hear about them, I more or less just want to try them out and see their short availability.

KenKwan Apr 23, 18 7:40 PM

Cool. Let us know how suretrader is. For me, probably signing up for a cobra account and giving them a try

McGuiganCapital Apr 23, 18 7:44 PM

Yea, Ill keep you posted. I saw Tim G mention Cobra in the chatroom, and to be honest it was the first time I heard of it. I'm going to take a look into that, keep me posted what you think of them.

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Noble1222 Mar 14, 18 6:57 PM

thank you so much for posting this and the explanations. you saved me a lot of heartache as i have been hurting myself buying strength and tops. i'm going to keep watching this and look more carefully at the charts beginning tomorrow.

Osvaldo Mar 14, 18 8:07 PM

Like the video Thank you!

SKYisDLimit Mar 15, 18 8:24 AM

great info as always... good job

Clovis Mar 15, 18 4:21 PM

Very nice video, great explanation on support! Keep videos coming;)

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DRSATC1 Feb 05, 18 11:18 AM

Great review! I look forward to reading this again and tying it in with the videos from our gurus! Thanks for sharing!

leiting Feb 13, 18 6:48 AM

Do you base a lot of your trading psychology on trading in the zone?? it sounds like you have adopted some of marks techniques

OceanRider Mar 12, 18 1:32 PM

Just listened. You have so many good things going on and the things you need to improve on, you point it out in the video. One thing I heard DUX say is if you have too much emotion, you wont make any $. I recommend taking a longer term view, make solid trades and good things will come.

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@Squiggs Thanks for the karmas. Follow me on Twitter as well if you like. @turbobob129

McGuiganCapital Jan 26, 18 6:36 PM

No problem, as the Karmas are well deserved. I actually alreadyh follow you on twitter as well! Thanks for all your knowledge in the chatroom/blog/watchlists as well as your website. Keep up all your hard work! I am hoping with enough studying and repetition, I too will become a consistently profitable trader. Have a great weekend sir.

Turbobob Jan 26, 18 6:50 PM

Thanks for the support.

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