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Lippy9 Jun 19, 15 8:33 PM

Thank you everyone!

bank_a_tronic Jun 19, 15 8:41 PM

The key is keeping the momentum going. Never lose fervour- 1 ♥ ;)

Giants_Slayer Jun 19, 15 9:43 PM

nice work little man ;) keep it up and wish u all the best

jstrubel7 Jun 20, 15 11:45 PM

I also caught $VDSI around 28.40 and missed out on the buy.. At least we are on the right track. Keep doing what you are doing Karson, you'll do great things

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svoboda Apr 06, 15 2:41 AM

ShayneL, yes i am weak at buying breakouts and many times i am cought in a fakeout breakout so i have to reduce the number of trades where i am buying breakouts.

svoboda Apr 06, 15 2:42 AM

Especially mid-day.

guidoantonio Apr 07, 15 4:36 AM

great post thanks; I think your situation is very common in trading. I know it well. What works for me is put a well defined stop and then walk away from the trade and let it develop as planned, until I have gained control over my unhelpful thoughts (" it's not doing what I want" , "it's going to wrong way" , " I don't want a loser" etcetera haha, then I go back and watch it pann out...I can never learn how to trade my plan if I cover before the plan is done right?;-). Good luck!

svoboda Apr 07, 15 4:41 AM

Guidoantonio great comment, thanks. I am sure going to work on this! I am not going to post pictures of every trade when i have left a lot of profits on the table but i have just imported trades from yesterday and you can see how i have bought VLTC @ 3.11 and sold @ 3.30 already and the stock went all the way to $4.50... I have sold into first little weakness altought my goal was to make 30-50 cents/share.

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[TimAlerts] fucked up $AMRN and made like 10c share on it. coulda made more but hey, I was on the right side of the move this time (happy)


[TimAlerts] Shorted $AMRN 200 shares into fading action at 2.62, covered at 2.53 because I thought it couldnt go lower. literally right after I covered it goes to 2.47, my target price. Oh well lol

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