@ConnorAlerts Hello my name is Elijah Privette I bought your program on profit.ly and I downloaded and just started paper money....I am COMPLETELY new to trading and am extremely confused. I don't know what any of the thinkorswim profile means. I dont know where anything is. I don't see videos explaining all of this in a way for someone that is completely new. Can you PLEASE help..?? Send links you recommend or something. I REALLY want to make money and not lose on the investment I made in you.

ccigoianu Feb 01, 18 12:24 PM

@ConnorAlerts, just finished watching your dvd and lookin to a monthly package subscription where I can choose u as my guru.

ccigoianu Feb 01, 18 12:25 PM

Unfortunately I see only three gurus listed on this web site and don’t know how to proceed.

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