[TimChallenge] Well, I'm not seeing any strong closers in OTC land and I work tomorrow so no overnight trades for me. Looks like I'm done for the day. Up $1600. Best day since Feb 9. Second best day of the year for me.

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millerruth23 Feb 14, 21 12:46 PM

Very well written, and oh so true! Thanks for the encouragement!

redwagonrider Feb 14, 21 4:17 PM

Great job! Keep up the hard work! Onto our 3rd year

Stefan_G Feb 14, 21 5:36 PM

the moment when you decide to be yourself, and not anybody else or anybodys else wishes.. thats overall important, thats lesson for life mate!

Sky_Hi_Trading Feb 15, 21 2:47 PM

Excellent write-up Tommy!! Thanks for these encouraging words!!! This month is my 2yr anni and I'm having those same frustrations and thoughts as you in November. I will keep pluggin away for sure! Congrats to your "next" level!!

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