Hey Happy Camper. You still trading? You should. You have a 73% win rate. I haven't been cutting losses. But have the past 2 weeks and I am slowly grinding up. I cut trades quickly now.

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Thank you for your videos. I suck at trading. Hopefully I can turn it around. Had a number of times where I didn't cut losses. I'm a slow learner unfortunately. Kicking myself for not learning to cut losses the first time. Thanks again for the videos. Glad to hear you turned it around. Hope I can too.

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Baum Nov 25, 18 5:56 PM

thanks for sharing bro ik losing sucks but it is necessary and you will become a better trader long term do to them

AshWild May 31, 9:50 AM

Hey man. It's a huge loss but you have the knowledge. You will definitely come back from this no problem man. I am still not consistently profitable and might have to become a slave to the system. So at least you aren't like the 90% who can't trade bro. I know it's a huge loss but now worries bro. You got this. Peace.

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ShortNSqueeze May 16, 12:14 AM

Thanks, read twice and watched the video. Never give up, the consequences are too high!

TonyG1 Jun 15, 4:28 PM

Powerful, Powerful, Powerful testimony as well as extremely useful nuggets of wisdom from a very successful as well as humble trader. Hope to meet u one Day Mate. Keep up the Good Work and GOD Bless!!!

Kriminator Aug 18, 6:21 PM

This post inspires me, I've lost this past 6 months getting to know who I am as a trader. I'm relieved to know this journey has light at the end of the tunnel.

davidkolton Sep 17, 1:11 PM

Amazing stuff! Thank you for sharing Dom!

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Brian. I bought $NIO today because it is near its lows and it has been doing well. It had 23 out of 32 days above $7. I'm hoping when there is news that it goes up there again. The danger though is that there may never be news again. Any thoughts? I'm still just a newbie. Thanks.

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DominicanWolf Apr 14, 11:50 AM

Awesome post! It is inspiring me to keep learning the market and pursue my dream of being a full time trader! Thank you Mason

MikeyMoe May 19, 7:43 AM

Lots of good nuggs of wisdom here. I'm almost 2 months into the challenge now and glad to come across a post like this. It's refreshing to see some long bias, everywhere I turn it seems that people want to drop the hammer on stocks-ha! I can see where you are coming from with understanding the mindset of a short seller to help with long setups--Spikeability and Short Stocking have given me some perspective on this, as well as SEC filings and the book the art of short selling by kathryn staley se

wildwes Sep 09, 7:51 PM

awesome post @mason_fecht! I've been focusing lately on avoiding getting shaken out of my trades and am having much more success!

bobolocks Sep 09, 11:46 PM

wow man, very inspiring! thanks for taking the time to share this with us. i've been a trading challenge student for a under a year now but i've only been trading for about 4 months. When i get discouraged its post like this that perk me back up and keep me focused. Thanks.

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michaelGscott Sep 03, 18 11:40 PM

Thanks! Yes usually don't go that much away from where it's bottoming. But in plays that have great range to bounce and are super liquid, I don't mind paying a little bit higher when I know the turn has for sure happened.

AshWild Feb 18, 8:04 PM

Thank you Sir for your videos. I appreciate the help. I suck at trading. I couldn't get the sound on this video. Not sure if it is something wrong on my end or if something else is wrong. I check later in the week. Be well.

Peachtart Feb 22, 3:36 AM

Thanks for posting. Is there supposed to be sound? Will have to watch this one again and see if I can do a better job of following along without sound.

michaelGscott Feb 22, 4:26 PM

There's no sound lol. Just a video of a good level two turn to watch over until you can see where the entry should be

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MAParm47A Aug 07, 18 11:07 AM

Traded this am with my stock picks in the green $307. So exciting. Thx Tim!

MAParm47A Aug 07, 18 11:31 AM

So excited...until I realized my sell order did not go through, lessened learned verify the sell order! Oh and deduct cost of transactions. Real amount $230

AshWild Aug 07, 18 2:53 PM

Is this the live trade webinar chat?

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