Thank you for your videos. I suck at trading. Hopefully I can turn it around. Had a number of times where I didn't cut losses. I'm a slow learner unfortunately. Kicking myself for not learning to cut losses the first time. Thanks again for the videos. Glad to hear you turned it around. Hope I can too.

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Brian. I bought $NIO today because it is near its lows and it has been doing well. It had 23 out of 32 days above $7. I'm hoping when there is news that it goes up there again. The danger though is that there may never be news again. Any thoughts? I'm still just a newbie. Thanks.

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GroundUp Feb 24, 8:14 PM

I guess this dude gave up, guess his luck ran out. Maybe some traders should educate themselves before trying to educate others.

jtran Feb 24, 8:19 PM

@GroundUp not sure what you have against this guy. Just because he isn’t posting his trades on Profitly or coming out with material it doesn’t mean he lost everything. All I know is that mason is one smart dude and knows what he is doing. He will definitely succeed.

atlastowander Mar 11, 8:24 PM

Thanks for the blog post man! Super helpful!

DominicanWolf Apr 14, 11:50 AM

Awesome post! It is inspiring me to keep learning the market and pursue my dream of being a full time trader! Thank you Mason

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michaelGscott Sep 03, 18 11:40 PM

Thanks! Yes usually don't go that much away from where it's bottoming. But in plays that have great range to bounce and are super liquid, I don't mind paying a little bit higher when I know the turn has for sure happened.

AshWild Feb 18, 8:04 PM

Thank you Sir for your videos. I appreciate the help. I suck at trading. I couldn't get the sound on this video. Not sure if it is something wrong on my end or if something else is wrong. I check later in the week. Be well.

Peachtart Feb 22, 3:36 AM

Thanks for posting. Is there supposed to be sound? Will have to watch this one again and see if I can do a better job of following along without sound.

michaelGscott Feb 22, 4:26 PM

There's no sound lol. Just a video of a good level two turn to watch over until you can see where the entry should be

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MAParm Aug 07, 18 11:07 AM

Traded this am with my stock picks in the green $307. So exciting. Thx Tim!

MAParm Aug 07, 18 11:31 AM

So excited...until I realized my sell order did not go through, lessened learned verify the sell order! Oh and deduct cost of transactions. Real amount $230

AshWild Aug 07, 18 2:53 PM

Is this the live trade webinar chat?

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AshWild just became a fully transparent trader today!

AshWild Sep 10, 18 4:30 PM

Learning to day trade, trying to avoid plugging back into the Matrix and getting a real job living the American Drea... Nightmare... Hopefully I can learn to make enough to pay for bills the first year. Studying my ass off, trying to make this into a career. Thanks Tim Sykes.

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