scottniu Apr 16, 18 6:30 PM

Pennystocking Part Deux would be at the top of my list. Timfundementals Part Deux would be a close second.

brian_s Apr 16, 18 6:38 PM

@scottniu Have you seen Trading Tickers or Steven Dux video?

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mudit1234 Apr 12, 18 4:17 PM

@Joey392 if i did go ahead and buy dux's dvd would i get the live trading vids when he releases them or would i have to pay for them too?

Joey392 Apr 12, 18 4:41 PM

so in total, he's going to have 4 parts. he has 2 parts out now, and should be releasing the last 2 some time in the summer. I don't know what's going to be on them, so I can't say if there'll be live trading or not, but you won't have to pay extra for them when they're released.

asfricksrs Apr 12, 18 8:38 PM

Both are value them regularly.

mannieb Apr 13, 18 12:35 AM

Check out Dux's interview on the Steady Trade podcast. It does include live trades but it hasn't been released yet

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@Joey392 hi brother, are you full time trader? wanna ask something about trading :D, using whastupp? could i get your contact?

Joey392 Mar 01, 18 9:10 AM

hey, I don't have that, but yeah I'm a full time trader. not a very good one though lol. how's it going?

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