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skatermdw May 09, 3:45 PM

Thank you E, for reenforcment of the foundation to the process and holding us accountable for our thought process to the setup!!!!!!!!

Gabytrader May 09, 6:54 PM

Thank you for such a clear explanation!

StefanSchwarz13 May 09, 9:29 PM

Thanks for another great lesson! More and more I'm getting what you are saying and I'm learning. I like how your lessons focus on being real. Because you have a life and can't spend all day every day in front of the market, that really helps me to understand ways of working around other aspects of life to be able to trade when feasible. So thank you again for the continued lessons and assistance.

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Hi Keester, how did you put your monthly chart in I could not figure it out. Your January chart looks very good with only 2 losses. Thanks.

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IsaiahV Apr 29, 12:36 AM

Thanks for the vid!

AverageJoes Apr 29, 11:09 PM

Another great lesson! Thanks for the time you put into making the videos, its very helpful. I've learned the importance of consolidation through your feedback and videos.

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I have done my FIRST TRADE, TIPT(Tiptree Inc.) of NASDAQ, was not on my watchlist. Just from price action I decided to buy today April 21st 2021 around 1:22pm of 100 shares @13.75 and Sold around 1:30pm for 13.95 for 0.20 c profit. About 8 min from 100 shares got $17.98 profit. It was scary and exciting both on my nerve. I am happy to stay green so far on my first trade. Long way to go.

Bubble Apr 25, 9:50 AM

nice! i've been fallowing right behind you in the video lesson list, so i know how hard you've been studying!

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RPhTrader Apr 01, 3:15 PM

Posted on my Corkboard in the Trading Room

msbta Apr 12, 4:05 PM

thanks so much

newhope5025 Apr 22, 9:41 AM

I am taking it to my HEART!! My goal is to master this process everyday from now on. This is the "KEY" to open the door of my future success. Thank you Ellis.

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i'm making my way through the video leson's now, i'm in about july 2011 right now almost have 300 of them watched, and OMG, i have nevre felt like a video would put me to sleep before. i have to breathe deeply when i'm watching them, crank some music in the background, force myself to analyze the chart, stand up and pace, sit in the cold basement or go somewhere out of my norm, cook dinner, play a video game (been doing skyrim cause it has super slow loading time's so i am forced to focus on the video's.(i've only done about 1/3 of them this way)) just so i can stay awake and focus on these lesson's!!! but they're super important, and going through this is part of the process, and i've learned soooooooooooo much, i've kinda decided that when i'm done with the lesson's i'm gonna seriously apply for the challenge to continue learning. but i havn't cracked even 1/10 of the video's yet, so we have a way's to go.

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newhope5025 Apr 25, 12:49 PM

keep up the good work!! I have recently joined the challenge. I went over 600 videos and 4-5 DVD's in the mean time but you know the funny thing, when I got my account ready & was trying to do my first trade I felt blank!! I felt I don't know anything!! I am a newbie in this field so I am not going to advice but will wish you the BEST OF LUCK. Keep it up and never give up, you will be successful.

Bubble Apr 25, 9:43 PM

Ehhhhhhhhh! i've been fallowing right behind you in those video lesson's, and i was wondering if you were in the challenge. been looking forward to catching up to you it's kinda been my goal for quite a while on 624 right now. as for trading i definately know what you mean, i was trading in february cause the market was just too hot, it's real easy to understand the need for discipline...

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