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bigGV Apr 15, 9:35 PM

I like how no matter what you always say "cut losses quickly" I'm still pretty new at this so I'm not gaining much, I'm under in fact by like a $120 something. I'm doing much better with my paper, abut $2000 in gains almost on a $5000 paper account. Thanks Tim.

DeanLucas Apr 21, 6:55 AM

Thanks for showing me what good strategy looks like Tim.

Av1Trades May 07, 10:41 PM

Idk in paper trading im up nearly 100k in 6-10 months and my biggest loss is 44$ out of 29 trades

bubbajay May 10, 1:56 PM

thank you, old newbie not trading yet

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[TimAlerts] Additionally, I posted what might be resistance for CANF- which means if it broke that it might be one to watch...we just brainstorm here with our posts. Dont follow anyone's advice. Maybe take mental notes on how the process of how they might form their own plan & why but thats my advice ;))


[TimAlerts] Market futures dipping, $BCEI perk on Obama banning off drilling but they are on shore, CANF 12.38float receives $500k portion of $3mil they announced back in Oct.- needs to pop above 2.50 200MA acting as resistance, $INVN flat-lining now from merger

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