doing some reflecting on this weeks trading and very unhappy with my performance +1,135 on the week so far but i feel as though its been a grind to profit.... XELA from 5/16 was an excellent trade and didnt give it more time which is frustrating knowing that specific setup delivers huge results typically. i have also invited randomness to my trading APLD was one of them... just very disappointed i had the lack of effort and laziness opening myself up for an uncomfortable trade.... breakouts with big picture have been a significant contributor to my results the past several months and weeks.. notice that ive been getting away from this ,this past week.... as a trader that scares me because thats usually where a loss comes in to play where you finding yourself inviting a trade that wipes away days or weeks worth of hard work... heres my plan looking forward.... im going to punish myself and refine my focus i need to stay focused on whats been working for me. if i fail to do this i fail as a trader.. trading is not a game its not for fun to me its a business. as a business if i fail to do what works to grow my business i go out of business. heres where my focus remains. trading setups i know well and trading setups that are working well. avoiding random entries on tickers that lack any form of significance setups with liquidity setups with unusual volume setups that have that big picture edge setups where my risk reward is clear cut and not sizing in too big too early goofing up an average according to my risk setups that have that catalyst to give it an extra punch im very hard on myself as a trader. at any given moment any one trader can trade 10s of thousands of stocks... this is why 90%+ traders lose... back to focusing on what works. if thats no trades than so be it. if its some trades so be it. staying in my lane so i dont have an accident is what i need to do from here looking forward.

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My first full week of trading since April 2021, +825 on the week, trading with a 4k sized account while I wait for my funds to get transferred so I can be over PDT. Looking forward to a big year. On my way to the 1 mil mark. I will start recording my trading and making video lessons probably weekly.

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