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brandonkoy Mar 14, 23 6:52 PM

Congrats on the huge run from Nov 20 after this blog post !

brandonkoy Mar 14, 23 6:53 PM

One IDEAL trade at a time !!!!

Iinvaliidd Mar 23, 23 2:03 AM

I don't think they could pull it off. If a person is successful in one area of business, it does not necessarily follow that they will do well in other areas of the same business. Each generation, of course, needs its heroes, and this generation has Musk. Visit to read more. Time will eventually reveal what results from his ideas, but as of right now, it is difficult to think of someone who contributes more to

RichardKnox Apr 25, 3:36 AM

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asefporl Apr 26, 17 7:44 AM

mate i love your videos, keep them coming!

Iinvaliidd Mar 22, 23 2:57 AM

The new NCAA game has me just as excited as the upcoming Madden, to be honest. Many collegiate athletes give their all to these pursuits, even if they demand a lot of their bodies and minds. At the end of the day, they bring in cash for the school but receive nothing in return. What else could qualify as cheap labour if not this? Visit toknow the 8 Reasons Why College Athletes Should be Paid.   Even while these students w

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