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Sky_Hi_Trading Oct 05, 19 10:38 PM

Thanks for sharing Kyle!!! Great work and awesome message!! Dont waste energy on the mediocre plays!

Buckers Jun 01, 6:38 AM

Thanks for your time putting these recap lessons together, they are very helpful and really appreciated. Regards. I normally ask questions only to find my questions covered in later videos but I would really like to see a live trade, the thought process and the actual execution, if this is possible it would be appreciated. Regards

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SIU Sep 06, 19 7:58 AM

I had level 2 real time data and a current chart, but seriously it's my impulsiveness that needs to get under control.

Kriminator Sep 07, 19 4:37 PM

Your paralyzed, I get it. But, review your plan you had going into it, as soon as it doesn't do that. Step back and say, Looking at this chart as if I were to buy it for the first time, would this be an attractive chart to buy. If the answer is no, make like a bandaid, and protect capital. Go Look at my PTL trade, F-me! but, I broke rule #1 I froze I waited for a bounce, they're a real company with phase 3 female viagra, bla bla bla...

Kriminator Sep 07, 19 4:58 PM

Here's my trade that makes me single handedly want to puke... still no talking about it, this represents 44% of my net worth --

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Sorry guys, wifi is too weak for webinar today, gonna do it all Friday morning long instead when I'm at new place, the good news is I'll be filming several hours today with a student who just passed $200k answering all the questions you guys submitted and we'll upload that video this weekend, much appreciated!

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Here's a topic many of you asked me about, I just needed to collect my thoughts first the hotel I stayed in when in Sri Lanka was one of the places bombed, fortunately all my local Sri Lankan friends are okay, but still scary...check out this new post and swipe right to see the eery chart that is a classic Supernova spike :(

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MrDrewbius Apr 22, 19 7:47 PM

It's tragic. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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