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kleehud Sep 11, 9:02 AM

Thorough. Excellent post!

Tman19 Sep 24, 5:13 PM

been there/still there profit chart is just since joining through the big losses before and it can affect your life massively. you always want it to turn around in a day or two, esp when your down a lot but thats never how it is. its a much longer journey to the end of the tunnel than everyone expects, just gotta understand that and love it enough. good post

Coffeebreak Sep 25, 10:17 PM

Im so right there with you. Disicpline to focus on those steps that you have defined here and others keep on telling us is key. Im no angel myself. Awesome post!

Sebastians Sep 27, 5:48 AM

loved this, really well written, you're going to go a long way! it sucks it's taken me 9 months to realize a lot of this but that means i'm getting somewhere right!

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Angel_D May 08, 6:48 PM

Awesome post, this is exactly what I've been trying to focus on myself. I will read this every day out loud to myself.

2TheMoon May 29, 5:12 PM

Look forward to your Supernova Halter blog

kobrakai Oct 22, 12:41 PM

So if it did not hold VWAP and you get stopped out, would you still get back in to see if it proves to stay or above VWAP and make your loss back? $BCCI today did this for both of us

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