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PennyStock_Meg Jan 08, 1:30 PM

@kobrakai I did O/N OWCP a few days ago in my Etrade account, I only made around $50. It's a fat ticker but moves nicely. I set my alert to notify me under 0.06

PennyStock_Meg Jan 08, 1:33 PM

@kobrakai So far I've made 40% on $GGSM (my very first trade) but I'm having a hard time verifying it on Profitly. Maybe because it's a new account and I have to wait a few days

kobrakai Jan 08, 1:37 PM

I can't trade GGSM on IB, closing only trades. Happened before with UNRG due to tiny market cap

LadyLittleRock Jan 09, 10:49 AM

@PennyStock_Meg be careful with that verifying, because, when I tried to do it too, I was getting error messages. Then a couple of days later, started getting messages from Etrade* (that wasn't Etrade) wanting me to login from email link, my username and password. Which Etrade never tells you to respond via email, they say to call them and or login into your account on a new page, never a link in email.

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investing1164 Dec 12, 19 2:11 PM

Great post! This journey is so personal to each individual. You have to face your own psycology & use it to your benefit in trading (Not easy). Thank you for your personal insights in this very challenging business.

sailormanjac Dec 20, 19 10:24 AM

OMG except for the being successful part, that could be my blog. I live in a tiny town and for the past year evryone thinks I moved, when they see me they are shocked. Thank you for helping to verify my sanity.

ElleDiane Jan 08, 4:32 PM

Great post! Thanks Androo

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Angel_D May 08, 19 6:48 PM

Awesome post, this is exactly what I've been trying to focus on myself. I will read this every day out loud to myself.

2TheMoon May 29, 19 5:12 PM

Look forward to your Supernova Halter blog

kobrakai Oct 22, 19 12:41 PM

So if it did not hold VWAP and you get stopped out, would you still get back in to see if it proves to stay or above VWAP and make your loss back? $BCCI today did this for both of us

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