$150 profit BCCI Long Stock

Entry comments: Failed to morning panic, could morning spike, small position, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Little bounce but nothing huge so I play it safe as it could still morning panic given the now failed spike so I won't risk it with such a low priced play

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Adrien Feb 06, 2:14 AM

0.3 cent/share for a 150

Adrien Feb 06, 2:17 AM

0.3 cent/share for a 150$ gain. Small and Sweet... and Safe. Thanks.

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$92 profit BCCI Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position, trying to get 100k into this perfect http://tim.ly/sykesmorning dip on a recent runner, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: Got a little bounce, but not much more, still I'll take a small gain, now up $1,000+ today on 2 little dip buys today

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ocbumper Feb 04, 7:54 PM

Hi Tim, new student here. Can you explain what you saw here BCCI why you got in and got out immediately before the price dived non-stop. Stock looked good, lots of superbowl exposure news (or was that all bs from newswire). Becuase i think you even thought it was a good buy at .08 and dropped down to 50%. A short play would have been very profitable.

Aceknight07 Feb 05, 9:17 AM

Hey tim. I know we have over 600 videos on dip buys already but would you please make more video lessons on your latest trades on bcci and zkin ?

aleon Feb 10, 9:50 AM

I want to start with long and dip buy.. Learning alot so far from all the lesson provided. I feel that I am ready now to start trading but can anyone advice me which trading plateform to use

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All, Attached is a chart of a small coffee company that I've been following for a few years. A week ago they announced that they were totally revising their business strategy. They are shuttering all their brick and mortar to go to pure distribution. They have a stellar contract with Amazon and the last time they had a deal with AMZN they sold 1.2 million units of their White Coffee K-Cups in a very short time. I think this is going to go big, maybe not Starbucks huge, but I see it hitting a dollar soon. Might even hit ten in a few years. -E P.S. I'm all ears for opinions.

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