$1,042 profit BILZF Long Stock

Entry comments: I rebought on the big dip, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce, small $ position though given how much its up already, but I've undrestimated it once so lets see if it can bounce too

Exit comments: Sold into a little bounce, i think the majority of the pop is done now as this bounce is somewhat weak so I'll play it safe just in case given how much its up today and how much I'm up today, now $5k+ on the day for me

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KDJourney Sep 24, 19 11:04 AM

Interesting to see your entry at the Summit ~ then this morning taking profits! Thanks for the lesson, the grand finale for the weekend!

Anigai Sep 25, 19 4:11 AM

Would love a video lesson going over your thought process and how you feel about your entrys and exits for this ticker. Great stuff Tim.

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