Received 7 Karmas
sarimanap Aug 03, 20 6:38 PM

Thank you so much. I profit $3500 today. I have been donating all my first day of the month profit since May. So definitely this month is the biggest, 10 fold.

Jpsmith1219 Aug 03, 20 8:23 PM

@sarimanap I did pretty good with MARA & NXTD - thanks to @timothysykes I followed what I learned from his videos and blogs. I still have a long way to go, made $687 today! It’s not bad for a newbie like me. You are an inspiration! I know I can do this!!

Rhohina Aug 07, 20 10:31 AM

@sarimanap You are doing extremely well!! Keep it up, and happy for you!!

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