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Weetie Apr 02, 10:10 AM

For some reason, my comments aren't posting. This is my third attempt. I appreciate your videos and commentary, especially the ones where you show Level II. Being able to see/hear how Level II is used in real time is excellent for my overall understanding. Thanks for what you do.

msbta Apr 12, 11:48 PM

thanks again

newhope5025 Apr 27, 2:16 AM

Watched again, I shall get better practicing the proper way. Thanks.

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ragincajun83 Apr 15, 20 10:14 PM

We've all been there with the forcing, but we all learn!

NHOptimist Apr 16, 20 12:13 PM

I'm a newbie to the program here. I have to adapt to the "just get the meat of the trade" mentality vs trying to predict absolute lows and highs. This has been one of the major eye openers as I start this journey. Stay strong and let's collectively try not to re-invent the wheel.

finnie3d Apr 16, 20 8:18 PM

@NHOptimist Sounds good man. Let's do it. How long have you been trading?

NHOptimist Apr 16, 20 10:15 PM

I have tried on and off for maybe 10 years. Some successes but the pot craze tore me up and I needed a new direction. I am spending quite a bit of time with the initial DVDs in the SuperNova series. Lots to focus on but when I get my hooks into something; I’ll be all in. Once I get my trading accounts over to Etrade, I’ll post a beginning balance and try to get my trades posted. Playing with stock screeners to give me some stocks and patterns to study

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LHJ Apr 14, 20 2:01 PM

Crap! I am with TD Ameritrade as well and was thinking about switching to E-trade after hearing Tim rant about them during his live trade on the 9th. I'm still a new trader so maybe it would be best to pull out my small amount of money and simply start a new account with E-trade. It took a while for me to learn the TOS platform so I may be there for a while. Oh well... chin up my friend. It's got to get better.

NHOptimist Apr 15, 20 10:51 AM

Hey LHJ. Traders like you are why I posted my experience. I still believe that moving to Etrade Pro is the right decision in the long run for me. If I knew that I would be locked out of the TD account, I would have closed out my intra day trading positions to cash. Losing control of those held positions and watching helplessly from the sidelines as they fall is painful. I am approaching this very seriously as a student. I want to learn to use the same tools that Tim and others use.

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WORX is now into the 11s at $11.50/share, or $4/share higher from my buy alert 90 minutes ago on a full short squeeze, congrats to all longs here, this is best case scenario so if I had any shares left, I'd be selling here, congrats to all here!

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NHOptimist Apr 13, 20 1:35 PM

Worst case Scenario. You can't make this stuff up. Bought WORX at $8.04. Tried to sell my position in the mid $13s. However, I'm in the middle of moving my TD Ameritrade accounts to Etrade and my market orders to exit quickly were not filled because TD Ameritrade has suspended all activity because they are transitioning my accounts. I would have thought that they would have transferred the accounts overnight and not during trading hours. In the meantime, WORX has dropped costing me some $$

timothysykes Apr 13, 20 1:37 PM

Good problem to have though, $5/share in profits on $WORX is solid!

NHOptimist Apr 13, 20 1:39 PM

I have no way to know if the trade went through. I'm in limbo. TD accounts shows closed bu=t the WORX shares still show in that account. Funds and positions have yet to show up in my Etrade account. If I have to place a sell order after they hit Etrade; I will have lost some cash unless it obviously run back to the mid 13s

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How much did everyone make on TLRY $TOPS $CYDY today?

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AHaedt Apr 01, 20 4:04 PM

Been trading this since late last year. 2000 shares in at 0.31 out at 0.65. Then 200 shares at 1.02 and 0.95. Was going to add another 1000 shares on 'sell off Friday' but the news came out and I missed out. I never chase, so I let it go. Then boom! Oh well. Sold 100 at $2.97 and am holding the other 100.

jindubaraich Nov 28, 20 2:57 PM

Bought Tim’s million master ok. But very disappointed.can somebody help.

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