$1,457 profit NSRPF Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought some of this stock that has dropped big the past 2 days, really wanted bigger panic under 3 for bigger position, but it looks to have support in the low 3s, goal is to make 20-40 cents/share, cut losses quickly if it can't bounce as the cool thing about the http://tim.ly/dipbuysykes pattern is you know pretty quickly if you're on the right path or not

Exit comments: Decent little bounce play here, RTNB was better, but this was the safer option...now looks to have a wall of sellers in the 3.40s so I'll take my single and play it safe

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YPFF Aug 23, 17 5:16 PM

Nice trade Tim.

enyong Aug 27, 17 8:36 PM

on 12day chart, it tried to go below 3 dollar on Tuesday and Wednesday but failed, hence double bottom !!

rtttb4321 Oct 21, 17 6:02 PM

Nice trade. Still trying to figure out how to scan to for these plays.

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-$20 loss NSRPF Long Stock

Entry comments: I used my small Etrade account to buy a small position in this pump's panic, RETC is another potential buy on the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, but it's not the first crack like this other one is so I choose the safe of the 2, not a huge crack though so my goal is just to make 10% on the bounce

Exit comments: No bounce whatsoever so I cut losses quickly, RETC failing to bounce too, that means more downside likely on both of these, potential re-buys only on bigger panics

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