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sherylj Feb 19, 2:42 AM

I got sloppy today with riot sad to say, I went from being up $1000 to up $765 I didnt want to sell any of my riot but I just couldn't stand to watch it lose! I blinked and it was down! Threw me off a lil bit.

ProCritikal Feb 19, 5:29 PM

It's a slippery slope, lock in profits, don't believe promoters, trade conservatively, don't play guessing games

MaeRae Feb 20, 1:32 PM

Thank you Tim

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$2,880 profit SBFM Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this multiday breakout and intraday, wanted more, but didn't get filled, goal is to sell in .20s

Exit comments: Nice patience winner here, just saw my last sell got executed, sooo many plays just astounding, remember not to get greedy, singles add up

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enyong Feb 08, 11:58 AM

i long SIRC when it broke resistance 2.17 ish

Sidewayztoprofits Feb 08, 1:14 PM

Are you still holding this position? Are you waiting for a b/o on the news?

Windwalzer Feb 09, 5:11 PM

Very nice, thank you for sharing.

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Jdegregz Feb 20, 10:44 AM

There’s so many plays that I held to many overnight they all spiked but could only get out of one of the 3 got out of all but not where I wanted to still profit and one I got out I should’ve stayed in $AABB

Vox Feb 21, 5:59 PM

how many kyles are we watching stocks?

BeAllYouCanBe Feb 21, 7:44 PM

"How many Kyles are we watching Stocks?". LMAO!!!

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$230 profit SNAP Long Stock

Entry comments: Trying a little earnings winner dip buy here as it was in the 22s premarket, moves fast, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share

Exit comments: Whew, what a rush, but brick wall of sellers at 20 so I'll take small gains, earnings winners still not the most solid pattern right now so I play safe, just testing, testing, testing

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jalalcivll Feb 08, 18 9:49 PM

Nice gain! please possibly list the time besides the date, for trade duration. Thanks

SethFenby Feb 10, 18 2:55 PM

Yeah he does. It says he bought at 9:35am and sold at 9:40am.

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