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bank_a_tronic Jun 30, 16 2:16 AM

Might take a day because Im traveling right now. Will you be at the conference? I hope to see everyone there! :))

littlemoney Jun 30, 16 7:46 PM

@bank_a_tronic Ok great...I will be at the conference. I look forward to seeing you. Happy travels..:)

Paul2106 Jan 03, 17 7:26 AM

Great post, I forgot how eating healthy, exercising and staying positive can greatly help you stay clear-headed and focused. Essential when making quick and smart decisions when trading. Ill have to get back to this way of life going into 2017!

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[TimAlerts] I was thinking of staying long over the weekend and sell early monday morning from 2.36 ICLD sold into the panic now at 2.63

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