$3,160 profit SHOT Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this recent runner into the close as their official launch is next week on December 7th https://tim.ly/3N8sp5f and my guess is they'll hype it up nicely in the coming days ahead of that launch...and already its been listed on Amazon https://tim.ly/415SmIx so my guess is they'll turn that live next week too...goal is to sell in the low to mid 5s, nothing huge, but momentum and the launch is on my side, cut losses if it can't close or open strong next week

Exit comments: Absolutely PERFECT weekend play, PERFECT PR this morning: https://tim.ly/3Gu0Yzq all about selling out on Amazon which I went over in my weekend video lesson https://tim.ly/3sU7Se7 which i NAILED TO A T! This game IS predictable if you keep it simple, congrats to everyone here, I'm jus playing it safe since he Nasdaq is down 1% already today so who knows what will happen and singles add up nicely over time!

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martinez023 Dec 04, 23 4:26 AM

Awesome wonder if the drink is any good.

brhodie Dec 04, 23 3:48 PM

Bought at 4.90 on Friday and sold at 5.91 today. Great trade, thanks Tim!

Tusya1 Dec 04, 23 7:08 PM

Thank you.

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