Struggling with consistency and how I am going to become profitable.

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rideco118 Sep 21, 23 10:20 AM

Love this video man, I'm in a very similar situation and timeline as you are. I'm really diving into my tracking and journaling and it's helped a lot. Keep the content coming!

TrueMan Oct 13, 23 2:31 PM

Very nice Austin, thanks for sharing, this helps alot, i m also having the same issue , i have Kyle sheet but i am not tracing the trades, I have some automation on excel sheet make it very easy to calculate the value. if you like i can share with you

tresmateo Oct 26, 23 12:06 PM

i like your video thanks Austin

DDT Dec 02, 23 12:58 PM

Thanks Austin. Appreciate the insight from up and coming successful traders. Will be following your journey man!

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ephillips5 Sep 28, 22 10:09 AM

Troy, thank you again for all your input! I really appreciate what you share in the chatroom/the strategy your are addressing. Also, I am inspired by your profit chart! If you don't mind me asking, are you a full time trader?

tresmateo Mar 07, 11:33 AM

Thank you for sharing your knowledge will study your strategy thanks

peter_burns Apr 22, 6:06 PM

Hey Troy, I am a newbie to STT. When i saw the mention of SPZI,

peter_burns Apr 22, 6:14 PM

i wanted to reach out, if you care. i have owned SPZI since 2008-

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