$2,947 profit CBMJ Long Stock

Entry comments: This is my weekend play as it spiked big this morning in sympathy with Trump's new media SPAC DWAC that rages against social media censorship, this little company does that too, see recent PRs https://tim.ly/3b05tSv and https://tim.ly/30IbYr2 so I think it'll. be hyped up all weekend long as a Lowe priced sympathy play. I considered GBHL but its already up 200% so this is less risky, support in the .05s, I'd love to sell in the .07s or .08s or maybe even .09s or .10s if it really catches on

Exit comments: Disappointing gap up today as DWAC and all the other Trump plays are spiking big, even GBHL is up 50%+ which I also considered Friday, but that one faded badly into the close Friday so good reminder that sympathy plays are a bit tougher than plays have specifically have a press release/catalyst. Glad I sold a big chunk into the close Friday, I'll have a complete video lesson on this trade shortly too

brhodie Oct 25, 9:34 AM

Stayed away from this one, didn't like the DWAC action on Friday afternoon. Thanks for lesson Tim!

mwg63 Oct 25, 10:36 AM

Knowledge Account Increased. I’m bleeding to death here (Red)!!!!!

Russell704 Oct 25, 2:26 PM

@Drob the chat alert I received is as quoted 0.06, all purchases were higher than the average? Hence the question.

Drob Oct 25, 8:22 PM

@Russell704 Click on chat on top left of Profitly Then top left click on Chat room. You can see the complete alert

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$3,696 profit PJET Long Stock

Entry comments: This company just announced they'll be unveiling their new business next Thursday https://tim.ly/3DGxQ4u and today its breaking out of a multi month top in the low .02s...the announcement isn't until next Thursday so like WSGF, it's not ideal Friday-Monday, but I think this can run into next Thursday's announcement given the hype/chart/market and there's especially good risk/reward with more upside than downside risk. I'd cut losses if it can't hold .023, but I think this can go to the .03s

Exit comments: I'm out for small gains now ahead of the big news event tomorrow...maybe I'm playing it too safely, but as I said from the start the timing on their big news event isn't ideal as I prefer Friday-Monday trades...mid-week plays don't usually work as well, so frankly I'm just glad to be out as this has been very choppy all week long

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brhodie Oct 19, 10:04 AM

Same PR basically, no new information that I saw

mwg63 Oct 19, 10:56 AM

Knowledge Account Increased

NoComment Oct 20, 9:57 AM

Seems like a lot at stake for such a small return, however, when the math works out at 7.42%, I’d take that every day of the week, thanks!!!

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$1,902 profit WSGF Long Stock

Entry comments: This week's play is earlier than normal as they've now teased their upcoming October 13th report twice, in a PR yesterday https://tim.ly/3iG6p2v I didn't think much of, but now today again too which tells me they'll probably keep hyping themselves up into next Wednesday's release. I won't have the patience to hold that long, but this play is near the bottom of its recent range at .013 so not much downside, my goal is to sell in the high .01s or low .02s, we'll see how far it can

Exit comments: I'm out the remainder of my position as its struggling at the key .018 area its had issues with for several days now, guess I should've sold all at .019ish late Friday, good lesson as some plays are just stubborn so it's important to sell into strength and not fall in love.

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brhodie Oct 08, 4:07 PM

Up 17.5%, thanks Tim!

mwg63 Oct 08, 6:12 PM

Knowledge Account Increased

mwg63 Oct 11, 12:06 PM

Knowledge Account Increased

Infamous Oct 11, 5:31 PM

I’m not in love with it. But I’m expecting a PR tomorrow for a pop then I jump out in the 2s.

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$6,825 profit AXTG Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this big runner on news of their new NFT offering today https://tim.ly/3lwJ6c9 & the PR says they'll unveil this new NFT by the end of September so this should run more in anticipation of that launch as NFTs are so hot...my goal is to sell in the .09s, .10s or .11s, not sure how much more it has to run since its come far this week and there's a nasty overall market. I was hoping to wait closer to the market close so its safer in case it drops, but its breaking out so I had to buy

Exit comments: What a HUGE runner this one has been in an ugly overall market...crypto and stocks are down big to start the day and given how much we're up overall the past few months, and this one, I'm just locking in safe profits, congrats to everyone on this one, what an absolutely PERFECT weekend trade

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Drob Sep 20, 10:18 AM

I sorry I couldn't trade this one. It is a good run.

Hickling Sep 20, 11:41 AM

Bought at 0.082 and sold at 0.11. This trade made up for last week's loss of REFR. So far I have learned to get in around Tim's price and be extra ready for alerts and act on them immediately.

a_jax64 Sep 20, 10:53 PM

Missed entry at .08. Driving in heavy fast Dallas traffic and wasn't able to take a look until the stock was at .11 near close. Even though I wasn't available at the right time, I'm happy to have followed along to see that this works. Need to practice getting in and out of trades fast on a mobile platform as I am new to Etrade and trading, but have been studying for months.

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$6,476 profit CLNV Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent runner due to this news they just released https://tinyurl.com/3br9ysm5 talking about a shareholder call they're having next Wednesday, a PERFECT upcoming catalyst for a play that was spiking big earlier this week. I don't think most people see this news, but they likely will see it later today/over the weekend and since this play has come down from the .07s earlier this week all the way down to .03ish, there's much more upside potential, my goal is to sell in the .04s

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful gap up despite me selling 1/2 my position a little too early Friday just in case...I might be playing it too are here too, but its hit my goals and now its just a potential re-buy into any intraday panics...it's good to sell into strength and buy the dips, congrats to everyone on this one

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tupuad Sep 08, 4:55 PM

Thanks for the analysis.

rdmclean Sep 09, 12:11 PM

@coop13 Newbie here. I maybe overlooking this. Where can the pre-trade stop loss and take profit and other entry guidelines for the trades be found?

coop13 Sep 09, 1:45 PM

@rdmclean at top left column click and scroll down a view trades. Scroll and view Tim's commentary on CLNV

abdrabu Sep 11, 4:37 PM

How I can link my Robinhood account with profit.ly? and are you guys using a chat room? I can not find it!

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