TradeSmall Jan 12, 18 9:40 PM

Great analysis of your own trades. Just a quick comment on #4. Would you have been able to see this stock on your scanner the prior day? And would you have known it would spike?

SithLord Jan 12, 18 10:22 PM

Yes. I did scanned the day before and had a feeling it still had room to run. 52 week chart looked great. Very bullish. I'm just a rookie and learning the fundamentals. Knowing when to buy is important. If you can't get a good entry, then it's hard to make any money.

TradeSmall Jan 13, 18 7:05 AM

I see. I totally agree. Good entry also means lower risk level

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@lx21 Gregg, I loved your presentation featured in Tim's " How To Make Millions" DVD series. You present very well!

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RudolphAnthony Aug 25, 18 3:11 PM

Elusive LX21...One of the few that doesnt teach

thughes3 Sep 10, 18 12:11 AM

@RudolphAnthony Because he manages funds now and is legally not allowed to disclose information or teach

Rams46 Dec 20, 22 2:11 PM

Hello, What changed for you in 2008 to 2009 in your trading plan? Thanks, Albert

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@Mattmatt1002 just became a fully transparent trader today!

Dragonrider Jul 11, 18 4:44 PM

Hi Matt. One of the rules of trading Tim uses is to find stocks that have moved 10% the previous day. This ensures you get some price action worth your while. I noticed the HOD and LOD on JAGX was

Dragonrider Jul 11, 18 4:45 PM

Sorry. The HOD and LOD was .05 cents so not much movement. Congrats on being a transparent trader and best of luck.

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